• "The event was impressive and I look forward to next year!"
    Neil Cohen, Attendee, Director Business Development, Defense Group Inc.
  • "We had a very favorable response with potential clients and made lasting connections."
    Ryan Van Amburgh, Sponsor, Director of Corporate Services, Migrate America
  • "The venue was classic and the participants were insightful world leaders in their fields. Your conference has certainly put the MENA region of the world on the Kansas radar."
    Thad Geiger, Speaker/Sponsor, Kansas Department of Agriculture
  • "Thank you for the excellent C3 Summit. It was informative and inspirational. Bravo!"
    Joaquin Trujillo, PhD, Attendee, Hellas Investment Group LLC
  • "Congrats on a wonderful event! I had a really great time, met some wonderful contacts and learned a lot during the sessions. Job well done!"
    Samantha Gouy, Sponsor, Communication Coordinator, AECOM
  • "Thank you for a wonderful conference last week. It was extremely helpful to those of us looking to work overseas in the not too distant future!"
    Lisa A. Boyd, Attendee, Co-Founder & CEO, Partnership for Sustainable Living
  • "Truly, one of the best events I've attended in quite some time for Middle East networking."
    Roberta Becker, Attendee
  • "A most impressive, timely event. The speakers and panel participants were all first-rate, providing attendees with an exceptional professional experience and engagement opportunity."
    Bill Keppler, Attendee, Former U.S. Department of State, Diplomat/Trade Advisor
  • "The C3 Summit was quite a worthwhile, valuable event, which thoroughly defined the new paradigm in U.S.-Arab Relations. Not only did I learn from the various speakers' topics, but also too was the networking opportunity a success - especially with so many important people from the global community present and available to each other at the same place and time."
    Arnold Ceglia, Attendee, Cargo Trans, Inc.
  • "The participants at C3 Summit are such that I would find much interest to continue the dialogue beyond the conference itself. When you listen to the speakers, the message is clear, technology and innovation are going to change the face of the Middle East. The best thing to do in the Middle East today is to invest in the internet space and the youth."
    Chemi Peres, Speaker, Managing General Partner & Co-Founder, Pitango Venture Capital
  • "I'm here at C3 Summit and can't think of a better place for networking and learning what other businesses are doing and hearing from others that are as interested in the region as we are. I am looking forward to many more C3 events like this. The whole notions of community, of collaboration and of commerce—what could be better, it's really a terrific opportunity!"
    Jane Garvey, Speaker, North American Chairman, Meridiam Infrastructure
  • "This is a great effort by C3 Summit to bring people together. I've talked to people from Israel, Egypt, the UAE, Pakistan and have made significant relationships. I would love to see it come to other countries and other cities, especially Chicago."
    Mohammad Adil Khan, Attendee, President, US Halal Association, Inc.

C3 Demos / Stats

C3 Summit Audience Profile: 2012 - 2014

C3 Summit Avg. Attendance: Average Time Attended: Average Audience Composition:
2012 = 403
2013 = 453
2014 = 637 (Health & Business Average)
C3 2012 = 51% (2 day Summit)
C3 2013 = 93% (1day Summit)
C3 2014 = 96% (1 day Summits)
C3 2012 = 20% Int'l / 80% US
C3 2013 = 35% Int'l / 65% US
C3 2014 = 42% Int'l / 58% US

C3 Summit Demographics: 2012-2014 Combined

Average Age: Male / Female: Average HHI:
49.6 59% / 41% $212,500
  Comp %
College+Graduate Degree: 87%
Top Management: 86%
Business Owner/Partners: 62%
Business Decision Makers: 91%
IT/Operations Decision Makers: 78%
Financial/Management Decision Makers: 92%
2012-2014 C3 Summit Study (1,200 respondents combined)

Attendee Reasons for Participating/Exhibiting at C3 Summits: 2012, 2013, 2014

  • To seek contacts for future business - 88.3%
  • To meet existing clients or partners - 79.3%
  • To raise profile of company/organisation - 65.7%
  • To explore new business - 48.6%
  • To look for a local partner - 33.4%
  • To support local existing partner - 26.2%
  • To monitor/learn about competition - 33.8%
  • To measure the Middle East market for potential business - 38.7%

Attendee "Satisfaction" Research re: C3 Summits: 2012, 2013, 2014

  • 98% of attendees rated the C3 Summits as good to excellent
  • 97% of attendees stated the C3 Summits exceeded their expectations
  • 97% of attendees found the C3 Summits successful in meeting their business objectives
  • 97% of attendees would like to attend C3 Summit 2015
  • 96% of attendees improved their business profile in the region
  • 91% of attendees planned to discuss opportunities with up to 3 attendees
  • 88% of attendees established contacts for future business relationships
  • 82% of attendees have reviewed 2 or more C3 2012 panel videos, all of which are posted on the C3 2012 website: